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Friday, March 16, 2018

THE HAUNTED HOUSE IN BRIDE STREET a Ghost Story for Saint Patrick’s Day

Who doesn't love a true ghost Story?

Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day is a real haunting tale from Ireland as told in the late 1800's. This story appeared on the front page of The Weekly Irish Times in 1888, and is sure to please the ghost hunter in you. Sit back,relax, and enjoy a tale from long ago.

One hundred and thirty years ago, on Saturday, March 17th, The Weekly Irish Times published some spooky Irish stories on its front page as part of its series of “Fireside Tales of Many Counties”. This is one of them.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I Gave Up Sugar and this is what I look like at the End of Week 3

I am at the end of week 3!

I do have more to do though.

Here we are, already at the end of week 3 of giving up sugar, and you get to be the judge in the real body transformation process. It has not always been easy, but I have not departed from my routine of more healthy eating, and introducing more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Though weight wise I am at a good place I see some suborn spots that need to be dealt with. As always Please Subscribe to this Channel for more updates, and or inspiration of what you know you should also be doing.

If you would like to see where the journey began, and how it has transpired you can check out the first 3 videos from the YouTube Channel, and Please hit that red Subscribe button. I need many more people I too can be inspired from, and gain ideas through!

End of week 2

End of week 1

Day 1

Friday, February 16, 2018

In Search of Spirits in the Cold Room

A new paranormal investigation of the Cold Room.
This room got it's nickname "The Cold Room" from the last couple who lived up here when the house was separated into 2 apartments. The wife said that no matter what the temperature was outside, this room was always cold.

Since that family moved out, the house has been restored to a single home again, and the spirits continue to roam...

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How to watch Free T V Movies, Shows, and More. Free T V for Dummies

Free T.V. for Dummies.

You could continue to pay for cable,but why would you do that when there's so much free entertainment available for free? A digital antenna, and you are on your way. If you need more there are apps for your smart phone you can cast to your T.V. With Google Home Mini, and Google Chromecast you are getting even more movies, shows, news, and lots more. No more will you pay for T.V. ever again!

First Step:
If you have an older model T.V. you will need a Digital Converter Box. A digital television adapter (DTA), commonly known as a converter box, is a television tuner that receives a digital television (DTV) transmission, and converts the digital signal into an analog signal that can be received and displayed on an analog television set.
Hooking Up a Digital Converter Box:
Unplug Your TV. Turn off your television and unplug your TV before you begin.
Connect Your Digital Antenna.
Choose Your Connector Type.
Connect the Box to the TV.
Plug In Your TV and Converter Box.
Tune Your TV to the Right Channel or Input.
Search for Channels. If you are happy with what you have found, you really don't need to do more, but if you are wanting more of a viewing on.
Below are examples of Digital Antennas. If your T.V. is a newer model you will only need the antenna.

Second Step:
Set up your Google Chromecast device
The Google Home app will walk you through the steps to set up your Google Chromecast device.
Computer Android, iPhone & iPad
Make sure you're using the latest version of Chrome by navigating to “Settings > About Google Chrome” and update your Chrome browser to the latest version, if necessary. If you're having trouble, here's how to update Chrome.
Navigate to from the Chrome browser on your computer.
Click “Set up your Chromecast using this computer”.
Chrome looks for Chromecast devices that need to be set up.
Click the device that matches the Chromecast name you see on your TV. It will be something like ChromecastXXXX.
Click Set Me Up. Read On

Step Three:
Set up your Google Home device
The initial steps are for first-time Google Home app users. If you’re already set up a Google Home device and are setting up another device, you can skip to step 7.
Plug in Google Home.
Install the Google Home app Google Home app by navigating to on your Google Home supported Android device.
Or click to download the Google Home app for Android.
Make sure to connect your mobile device/tablet to the same Wi-Fi network that you intend to use to set up your Google Home device.
Open the Google Home app by tapping the app icon on your Android device.
Tap Get Started. Read On

Once you have your Chromecast device plugged into one of your TV's HDMI inputs, all you need do is switch the TV's source (usually through a source button on the remote) to the HDMI port and you are ready to go. Google's Google's Chromecast is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to hold their tablet or smartphone in their hand while projecting the screen to their TV. It also happens to be the cheapest choice for those who don't have a Micro HDMI port on their device. But don't mistake it for similar streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. The Chromecast dongle doesn't actually do anything on its own. It relies on your Android device to be the brains behind the operation, while it simply takes your Android screen and 'casts' it onto your television set.

Monday, January 29, 2018

More Amazing Things Google Home Mini Can Do.

I have found and implemented a few more things that I can now do on Google Home Mini. Take the lights, for instance, I found WiFi plugs that said they worked with Google Home, I installed them, I installed the app for those plugs, and then I had Google Home look for new devices. Google Home found the devices, and then had me log into the others apps account, and transferred the control to Google Home as well. It all went along pretty quickly, and works like a charm. I couldn't be happier. I don't know how I lived without it???

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cuisinart 2 Quart Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker Review

If you like making your own Ice Cream, you will love this! I have used this faithfully about once a week for 2 or 3 years, and it hasn't disappointed me yet! What's better than 1 quart of luscious homemade ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt? Two quarts! Fully automatic frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream maker; Brushed stainless-steel housing; heavy-duty motor; Large ingredient spout for easily adding favorite mix-ins; Double-insulated 2-quart freezer bowl; instruction book and recipes included.

The Recipe for No Egg Vanilla Ice Cream:
2 cups of milk
5 to 6 ounces of evaporated milk
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
2 tablespoons of sugar (granulated)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
Mix together ingredients, and pour into Ice Cream Maker.
Turn it on, and it will be done in about an hour... Enjoy!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Capturing Ghostly Spirits in the Morning Ghost Hunting and Apparitions.

Another Paranormal Video for your viewing pleasure.

It's important that you watch this one until the end, this time that is the very best part, and then, of course, the battery dies after the apparition appears.
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